Saturday, February 21, 2009

The LauraStar

Applied with authentic bandage and sports tape =)
Looks just like Patrick from Spongebob.

Yet another birthday present for a friend. Each side equally represents her personality.

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mikey decal

Not too shabby, I like it =)
My improvised transfer sheet worked pretty well.
This step would've been 10x easer if I had a plotter/vinyl cutter.

Attempt to make my own vinyl decal, couldn't find any local stores that sold self adhesive vinyl sheets, all they had were mylar sheets with very limited color selection.  Although mylar looks pretty much the same as vinyl, its not as thick and not as flexible as vinyl, and it doesn't shrink nearly as much as vinyl when heat is applied.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let's play in my room pig!!!

Invader Zim is the best cartoon ever created (by Jhonen Vasquez)!!! GIR is just too ridiculous, fell in love with the character from the very first episode. When I made the 3D model, GIR definitely lost some of its humor aspects, but it still looks pretty funny (may be i should bust out some thread and needle to make his 'dog' suit). Two lessons learned form this:
1. give it at least 2 days for the paint and the (matt) clear coat to dry; I couldn't wait to put the pig in GIR's arms after painting, the paint was rubbed off and I had to repaint the pig, twice!!! and of course I couldn't get the same tone of pink thus pretty much ruining the piece.
2. some colors of paint cost more than others!?!? paid $7 for 1 oz. of Cobalt Teal and used about 15 drops. Last time I bought paint it was like a dollar for a gallon of some smelly acrylics.
Gave this away as b-day present (see the trend??), but last time I heard GIR was dropped from 8 ft. above ground, had a 'soft' landing but the legs broke off...what the hell was it doing that high up in the first place!?


Takashi Murakami is one of my favorite artists; his paintings are so mind-blowing I get a seizure if staring at them for too long, most importantly, his resin sculptures are absolutely amazing.
I did this piece for another Murakami fan as a birthday present. The proportion is off since I only had a small picture of the original sculpture for reference, and I just sort of guessed what the tail would look like. I did a crappy masking job for the ‘D’ and ‘B’ but overall I think I turned out OK. You can see more of Murakami's awesome art works here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


When I first saw I thought someone with amazing Photoshop skills was playing around with a picture from the new Iron Man movie. I wanted to make my own version of bomberman with more of the 'original' look.